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Smart Business Corp Work and Event

Smart Business Corp: When faced with a financial pyramid such as Smart Business Corp, we must remove any promises or silences that the recruiters do not mention with the data. In this note, we will show you why this entity is unreliable and is still an unregulated investment services company, not the financial community, as they remain sold on social media and their advertising.

If you identify someone who has fallen into this network or wants to promote it, show them the arguments we present below.

What is Smart Business Corp?

Although they try to tell us through their promotional messages that they are a financial education company that focuses on enabling financial peace of mind and jobless income. Smart Business Corp is an investment company that captures assets and clients without any authority and offers returns that cannot remain achieved on a guaranteed basis.

How does Smart Business Corp work?

Here, join one of the online or face-to-face seminars they hold every week, which you can find on YouTube or Facebook, to understand how the pyramid works. They use phrases of economic transformation, financial peace, and bright appeals to cover up the money-raising system and members of the usual economic pyramid. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Aesthetic Led Bedroom

Let’s see how it Works.

When you join, you get access to an intelligent membership that gives you access to three tools

SB Lean Academy: “teach you sales and word of mouth” (which you will then need to attract people)

SB Innovator: for you to develop business ideas

Clever key: they didn’t explain it in the recruitment video.

Membership Types

They offer you basic and premium memberships; of course, they cost something because this financial education is not free.

Basic: $795

Premium: $995

And what will they give you in return? Here comes the good stuff; don’t get lost; it’s hard to understand.

Returns Promised by Smart Business Corp

Returns Promised by Smart Business Corp

These investments will give you a return of 2-5% per month.

That should be reason enough to leave the company. If you don’t understand why I am showing you this, I would tell you that if this profitability were true, in 30-40 years, you would be one of the wealthiest people in the world.

And, of course, that’s what society wants you to believe.

Plus, there’s a chance they’ll tell you they have other plans. Tell me more.

Other Plans

If you put more money into the add-on plans, their monthly interest will increase.

Of course, if you want to withdraw your money earlier, watch out for the fine print of the 14% commission. You’re laughing at banks.

But wait, if you decide to give it more money within the first 48 hours of opening your account, you enter a SMART PACK.

It increases the monthly interest.

How does Smart Business Corp make money, and where does it invest?

Where do these returns that this company promises come from? First, I will tell you about the money that everyone puts in. Still, they haven’t commented on that part in the video yet, and they mention that they have some specialized high-frequency traders who guarantee you money without risk (didn’t we talk about financial education in the project?)

Nothing else remains known about these traders, neither who they are, what they invest in, nor the records of their operations.

Affiliate network and commissions

Everything looked like a pyramid, but if I couldn’t see it, I didn’t believe it, so I watched the video and eventually found it.

How can you not recommend it to your friends and family if it’s a historic occasion? You wouldn’t do it for free.

Plus, you get paid if you bring people, and the more people you bring, you level up and become manager, elite, supervisor, platinum, universe god, and Thanos.

You’d instead go to the dark side and look like Darth Vader. Here are the commissions you get when you refer people to the pyramid.

The phrase “You don’t have to understand it to do it. You have to do it to understand it” is not useless.

How trustworthy is Smart Business Corp?

Zero is a pyramid that neither invests money nor does trading work. It’s not planned; if you lose it, your money isn’t guaranteed, and you’ll have no one to turn to.

  • Confused alert on Smart Business Corp
  • Mexico’s regulator has warned about the entity in recent months.

Recruitment events and fairs

After the alarm in Mexico, they did not stop and are holding events all over the country that serve as a hook.

You can see some examples in the following pictures.

He remained active on his social networks only on Facebook and Instagram, where they showed massive events in Peru and Mexico.

They have started their expansion in Lima, and we will see many affected there.

Who owns Smart Business Corp?

One query originates from who benefits from all this or who created it. If we look at the company’s Linkedin profile, we find that the CEO is Ernesto Resendiz. And then, many affiliated people work as recruiters under the heading of lecturers, financial educators, etc.

For example, the subject’s website promotes a seminar for these people. Most often, recruitment tasks remain carried out by people who break not directly connected to the top management but people who first entered and have a virtual node in some city or country.

It is wherefore you will understand hundred youtube or Instagram videos are from people looking for you to join their network. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Hisense Dehumidifier

When did Smart Business Corp start?

Although they mention four years in several of their videos, they list ten years as a founder on their Linkedin site.

But in fact, almost all of its social networks went live in 2017 and accelerated during the health crisis.


As it turns out, this entity is not reliable, and its multi-level marketing will only cause you to waste money and time. Therefore, you should avoid recommending the same to your acquaintances.

Ribeiro’s Smart Business FAQ

Where is Ribeiro’s Smart Business headquarters?

Ribeiro Smart Business remains headquartered at 6310 Ranelagh Dr, Orlando, Florida, 32835, United States of America

What is the official website of Ribeiro’s Smart Business?

The official website of Ribeiro Smart Business is

What is the income of Ribeiro Smart Business?

Ribeiro’s Smart Business revenue is $16 million

What is Ribeiro’s Smart Business SIC code?

Ribeiro Smart Business SIC: 62,621

What is the NAICS code for Ribeiro’s Smart Business?

Ribeiro Smart Business NAICS: 52,523

How many employees work at Ribeiro’s Smart Business?

Ribeiro’s Smart Business has 69 employees

What is Ribeiro’s Smart Business?

Ribeiro’s Smart Business is in the industry: Finance, Finance, Investment Banking

Who are the main competitors of Ribeiro’s Smart Business?

The main competitors of Ribeiro Smart Business are: Axend, Asegura Inc, Somos Uruguay, EVVA Plataforma

What companies has Ribeiro’s Smart Business acquired?

Ribeiro’s Smart Business acquired the company: Smart Business

What is Ribeiro’s Smart Business technology stack?

Technologies used by Ribeiro’s Smart Business are: Amazon EC2, Stockdio, Google Maps API, PHP

Alternatives to Smart Business Group

If you want to capitalize in a diversified way and learn financial education, you have several ways without falling into this pyramid. We recommend you check out our training content on various blogs on our website, practice on our YouTube channel, and read our comparison of the best brokers.

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