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Fixe Beauty – About And More – 2023

Fixe Beauty is 100% committed to empowering ambitious women to create a life of passion, freedom and financial abundance. They have helped over 36,000 aspiring people like you to take back their lives, set schedules, and become their bosses.

About Fixe BeautyAbout Fixe Beauty

“Fixe Beauty is committed to providing the highest quality Eyelash Extension Training available in North America. The In-person Classic Training is accredited and certified by NALA (National Alliance of Lash Artists). Their offer small class sizes, unlimited ongoing support, amazing starter packs and are proud to have some of the most positive students in the industry.”

At Fixe, they provide proven frameworks and high-value training unmatched by any other company. But here’s the absolute truth, It’s not just about the lashes for them. It’s about so much more. It’s about finding a career you love, a community that supports you, and the tools you want to build the beautiful life you are worthy of.

Whether you are just starting or have been in the lash game for a while, They have courses to take you from nothing to lash hero. To build, cultivate and scale a lash business as big as the dream life you are so worthy of living.

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Fixe Beauty Classic Online Training

You could get started in your new career, from the ease of your own home, in less than 2-days, with our 100% online lash academy. Also, The Classic Lash Appetizer Kit comes with our favourite FIXE products. It has everything you want to get you through your first 5-10 lash sets and your exam to receive your credential. It has a retail worth of over $200.

The kit includes:

  • Varied Tray Premium Cashmere Pro Lashes​
  • Fixated Specialized Lash Adhesive
  • ​5 Undereye Gel Pads
  • Also, The Break Up – Gel Remover
  • Tweezers
  • Jade Stone
  • Also, ​Mascara wands
  • FIXE Beauty Zippered Cosmetic Bag
  • Also, Silicone Lash Tile
  • Also, Mannequin head with extra lashes and black carry bag

Fixe Beauty Premium Volume Kit

The Premium Volume Lash Extension Kit from Fixe Beauty includes everything you’ll need to provide gorgeous Volume Lash looks on 25-30 clients! Also, All of your lashing essentials remain encompassed in this lash kit with four trays of 0.07 Volume Lashes.

Although, Two sets of 24K Gold Tweezers, Obsession Adhesive, Flocks, Wands and much more! Also, These fantastic products all come in a Fixe Beauty cosmetic bag to keep them organized and compact. Also, provide a luxurious lash experience with the Premium Volume Lash Kit from Fixe Beauty.

Premium Volume Lash Kit includes:

  • 4 Trays of 0.07 Lashes
  • FIXE Pro Adhesive
  • Lash Laundry Lash Shampoo
  • Lock It Down Adhesive Accelerator and Superbonder
  • Also, J Curved Obsession Collection Elite 24K Gold Volume Tweezers
  • Straight Obsession Collection Elite 24K Gold Volume Tweezers
  • Lash Tape
  • Also, Application Flocks
  • Mascara Wands
  • Also, Gel Under Eye-pads
  • Silicone Lash Tile
  • Jade Stone Adhesive Palette


Is [fixe beauty] Canadian?

[Fixe Beauty] is in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Does [fixe beauty] have an app?

Although, Discover more from [fixe beauty] only on the app.

What is the main ingredient in all lash adhesives?

Although, Ethyl Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in lash adhesives and accounts for anywhere between 80-90% of the composition. Ethyl acts as the quick setting for glues.

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