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Overview of Joah Beauty:  Joah Beauty is super accessible because they’re available at CVS and CVS online, but We also love that they’re affordable. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and right up my alley, and this is also the first Korean beauty-inspired cosmetics line.

So what does that mean? Essentially, you’re getting Korean Beauty quality, but you’re also getting everything that kind of Korean Beauty encapsulates for our meeting, like affordability. High quality is adequate. The packaging is gorgeous, and we have always appreciated and admired many different things regarding Korean beauty.

Overview Of Joah Beauty

Overview Of Joah Beauty

The first object you have to do when applying makeup is a primer, and Joah Beauty has three primers available in their selfie-ready primers. So they have a mattifying primer, a pore-minimizing primer, and a hydrating primer. So they hit every skin type and skin concern you could have when you want to prime your skin.

Glow Activator Radiance Primer

Use the glow activator radiance primer to prime your skin before you have to start applying makeup. Now you will use this a couple of times, and the takeaways from this are number one. First, unlike other glowy types of primers for Korean makeup, we love this consistency.

You will like that this formula is a bit thicker now becaitthis it has a thicker consistency that you will enjoy if it smooths out the skin. So instead of just focusing on one thing like making your skin look glowy,. It also perfects the skin underneath as you apply it and wear it throughout the day.

So for those who have wanted to try a glowy or radiant type of primer. But maybe you have some textural issues or oiliness problems. It is the perfect medium for achieving a glow and getting that skin-perfecting factor from your primer.

Brow Products Form Joah Beauty

They have different types of formats when it comes to brow products for those of you guys who might want to choose which one you prefer, so they have the brow down to me wooden brow pencil, so maybe for those you guys who like a pencil format you can go for something.

If maybe sharpening your eyebrow product is what you go for, and that’s what you’re comfortable with, they have their brow pencil and gel. So for those of you guys who prefer a format where you get the diagonal type of tip for your eyebrow pencil, this one also comes with a gel at the other end, which hits all the points you would need when you fill in your brows.

About Joah Beauty

Founded: Kiss Products, 2018

Based In: Port Washington, NY

Fun Fact: Joah Is Korean For The Expression “I Like It.”

Best Recognized For Their Playful, K-Beauty Inspired Makeup

Most Widespread Product: Instant Prime Activator, Brow Down To Me Eye Precision Eye Pencil

Other Brands You’ll Love: Peach Slices, Skinfood

“It is a line of cosmetics that invitations you to have fun and enjoy your makeup knowledge,” says Andrea Harrison, vice president of merchandising, beauty & personal care at CVS. “We endure finding new ways to expand upon our present offerings, chiefly regarding K-beauty-inspired brands like Joah that inspire playful exploration through cosmetics.”

Brow Down to Me: Brow Pencil & Gel

You will appreciate the small, intricate shape of the tip of the previous brow pencil much more than this wider, angled variation, so You will only use the tinted brow gel end of this product. These used to scare me since my brows are so sparse and patchy

So You will be worried applying a brownish liquid on top would make me look like Groucho Marx. Still, it’s delicate and helps highlight those tiny blonde brow hairs that would otherwise vanish if I’d only used a pencil.

Dark Circle Concealer, Truly Yours

This concealer, both because of its full-coverage competence and felt-cushion tip, reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Age Reverse Concealer, one of my (and so many others) favourite concealers ever created. I love this version’s light and praise its ability to cover redness, dark circles, breakouts—all of it—without creasing or flaking. It has a creamy texture that feels somewhat moisturizing and dries to a matte finish.

Be My Everything Powder Contour Palette

Cream highlighters are my jam. I think they do a much healthier job of evoking that natural healthy-skin glow than powder versions, and they assist me in feigning hydration when my skin feels paper-dry in the wintertime. But when the makeup artist.

At the event, she gently dusted the powder highlighter from this palette (in the light version) along my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Again, I was shocked at how ethereal my skin looked like I’d impartial gotten 42 facials in a row.

She also operated in a bit of the highpoint from the blush palette. Which felt like a lot at the period but translated to the most spectacular sheen. Of course, I needed my 60-year-old mom to try it too. And we remain shocked at how fresh her skin looked.


Is Joah a CVS brand?CVS/pharmacy newly teamed with Kiss Products to roll out a select Korean beauty-inspired brand dubbed Joah. Joah, which translates to “I like it” in Korean. First rolled out on in July and remain slated to hit 4,000 stores this month.

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