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Women’s Health Wellness Trends

Health Wellness Trends: Women’s wellness has exploded in recent years, which is a good thing because we women are prone to overthinking things, pushing ourselves to the limit, and frequently placing ourselves at the bottom of the heap. The keywords here are self-care, self-love, and empowerment, and the health and wellness trends for women in 2020 continue to revolve around these three factors.

We look nearby at some of the trends that will emerge next year to help further improve female health and wellness, ensuring that we are all coping as well mentally as we are physical.

Cycle of Seeds

Hormonal health is a hot topic, correct now. It remains expected to continue in 2020 as more information becomes available about how vital our hormones are to our overall health and well-being. Our hormones influence everything from our moods and the quality of sleep we get to our metabolism, how we gain weight, our mental health, and pretty much everything a woman goes through. So it’s time to see these influential female chemicals a little better so we can learn to control them, or at the very least accept what they do to us each month!

Eating different seeds at different times during your cycle is known as “seed cycling,” with the idea being that the different nutrients in the seeds will help reduce some of the less desirable symptoms. That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? I’m talking about seeds, regular, everyday seeds. Sure, they remain marketed as a superfood and far better for you than a packet of Malteasers. But, seriously? Will they transform me from a hot, moody mess into a chilled-out fertility queen? I’m not sure.

Seed cycling, on the other hand, is where it’s at in 2020, with proponents raving about the benefits and improvements to their hormonal health.

A Typical Seed Cycle Menu

A Typical Seed Cycle Menu

Follicular Phase (Days 1-14) – The first stage of your cycle, during which your period begins. Consuming flax and pumpkin seeds should help increase estrogen production.

Day 14–28 is the luteal phase, which is the phase of your cycle that comes after ovulation. Eat sunflower and sesame seeds to help raise your progesterone levels.

Women generally have higher estrogen levels at the start of their cycle and higher progesterone levels at the end. So the theory is that eating seeds that boost the production of these hormones will complement and ease symptoms such as cramps and help to regulate your periods.

Given all the variables involved, I think it’s one of those things that will differ greatly from woman to woman. Still, there’s nothing wrong with adding a couple spoonfuls of seeds to your porridge in the morning and seeing what happens. Surely it must be worth a try?

The Amount of Data our Brains can Store is Mind-Boggling

The amount of data our brains can store is mind-boggling. And while the human brain can hold this vast amount of information, it does not always do so. Consider it similar to the memory available on a computer. The more it fills up, the gentler it starts to run, the more it complains, the more it sends out help messages, and the more it becomes clogged.

That is precisely what happens to us. We are experiencing information overload, which is causing our system to malfunction. We become exhausted. Although, we become exhausted. We all make errors. Our moods shift. We are on the verge of mental exhaustion.

While there is a plethora of information and memories we need and want to keep stashed away, there is also a plethora of utterly pointless stuff that serves no purpose. Unfortunately, that is nonsense we must unlearn and discard in our virtual trash can.

Primarily about Unlearning Bad Habits

It’s not as humble as that; how do you ‘unlearn’ something; we can’t just erase the disc. Instead, it is primarily about unlearning bad habits and dropping the daily routines that have no positive impact or do not promote growth in your life. Do you, for example, always order the same dish from the same takeaway? Although, do you always go to the gym on the same treadmill? Do you always walk the same way to work, despite numerous alternatives? Are you someone who has a similar sunbed and restaurant table every time you go on vacation?

Breaking out of this autopilot mode allows us to use our brains more actively rather than to drift through life and store mundane. If not pointless, observations that only serve to clutter us up. Instead, unlearning is about simplifying and reducing. And removing things from our minds that we don’t need to cherish and using what we do have. As a result, we feel revitalized, and energized. And as if the brain fog has lifted, allowing us to see things more clearly.


A rise in demand for immunity-boosting products. Increased awareness for nutritional supplements. A growing market for healthy foods and substitute eating. Mental health and wellness have been the talk of the town. At-home fitness has become popular.

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