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What is Planet Fitness Wilmington NC?

Planet Fitness Wilmington NC: We strive to make a gym where everyone feels accepted and respected. That’s why, at Planet Fitness Wilmington (South Kerr), NC, we make every effort to keep our facility clean and welcoming, our staff friendly, and our certified trainers ready to assist. So whether you’re a first-time gym goer or a seasoned fitness pro, you’ll always feel at ease in our Judgement Free Zone.

To begin, you must understand that Planet Fitness is a franchise. When you work there, this comes into play frequently, which I will elaborate on later. There is no commission, and the pay is minimum wage.

My Experience with Planet Fitness

My Experience with Planet Fitness

My experience with Planet Fitness was highly negative. My managers ran the place like they were kids. If you made a mistake while working or said something you didn’t like, they would cut your hours without question. Again, I’m not saying that every Planet Fitness franchise has a bad leader, but mine did. They always made me feel unwanted and unappreciated as an employee.

I never met the franchise’s actual owner. He was too big to notice how his employees were doing or how the place remained run. He had a maintenance guy do all of his work for him, and even he treated regular employees like dirt. Because of the simple questions you ask, you always appear uneducated.

When you work here, you have a lot of responsibilities. The “planet fitness university” courses are the first thing you do; they are long and tedious. Each course lasts between 3 and 1 hour. They also come with quizzes. The second requirement is to memorize nearly three pages of facility information. Finally, the goal is to give tours of the gym.

Signing People

The front desk employees at my gym did all the work there. So that means signing people up for memberships, giving them tours, cleaning equipment, answering phone calls, and providing phone tours. Cleaning the restrooms and showers, replenishing toiletries, restocking chemicals, removing trash, and selling drinks are usually all you do during your shift.

You have to deal with angry customers almost every month from the 10th to the 17th. You also have random homeless people walking in and using the showers which do not have memberships, and guess who has to tell them to leave? You. Planet Fitness has no security, so you must confront people most of the time.

It is not a job for people over the age of 25. The managers at my location did not hire anyone over that age, which I think is stupid. Employees in this job, in my opinion, do far too much for far too little pay. There is always a high-stress level because you know you must do everything perfectly. After all, an undercover general manager from the franchise is always watching to see if you are doing things correctly (not exaggerating). I am not sure if this is real for all Planet Fitness franchises, but I don’t think this job is even worth applying for.

What is Planet Fitness’ Cancellation Policy?

What is Planet Fitness' Cancellation Policy?

For most locations, you can cancel by sending a letter to your home club or stopping by and canceling in person. Please get in touch with our Member Services department if you have any further questions. Please remember that the Member Services department is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Can I Cancel my Membership at Planet Fitness?

We’re sorry to see you go! Though, if you must, the procedure is modest. You can also clear out a cancellation form at your home club’s front desk or send a letter (preferably certified mail) to your club requesting cancellation. Unfortunately, memberships cannot remain canceled via email or phone.


Because of their schedules, many people can only work out during those hours, resulting in crowds. To avoid this, Health suggests going to the gym early in the morning before the crowds arrive. You could also try during your lunch break or on weekends when gyms are usually less crowded.

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