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Sony Speakers

Many brands make affordable wireless speakers, but Sony is among the oldest and most established names in the segment. The company’s Bluetooth personal audio products, including its headphones, earphones, and wireless speakers, are among the best you can buy, albeit often at relatively high prices. But, in a segment flooded with competitors, is Sony’s brand value and reputation enough to justify such costs? I hope to answer that question with the product I’m reviewing today, the Sony SRS-XB13 Wireless Speaker.

Priced at Rs. 3,990, the Sony SRS-XB13 is a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker with IP67 dust and water resistance and promises big sound for a device of its size. However, competition like the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker offers similar specifications and features at a much lower price. So is the Sony SRS-XB13 still worth buying? Find out in this review.

The Sony SRS-XB13 can be Safely used Outdoors

Compact Bluetooth speakers are easy to carry and therefore come in handy, especially for users who want to listen to music or make phone calls on the go or outdoors. The Sony SRS-XB13 fits the bill here. This speaker has IP67 dust and water resistance, which means it should withstand the elements, and you can even rinse it under a running tap or submerge it in water for a short time.

The Sony SRS-XB13 can be Safely used Outdoors

A metal grille covering the driver is on the speaker’s top, and the bass vents are on the bottom. There is a prominent Sony logo on the side, and I quite liked the overall look and feel of the SRS-XB13. Other features in the design also make it easy to use indoors and outdoors, including a removable and adjustable fabric strap, a soft rubber base for gripping, rubber buttons, and a sealing flap that covers the charging port to protect it from water damage.

The speaker controls are on the side. There are buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, playback, and volume. The Bluetooth button remains used to pair with source devices and set up wireless stereo pairing if you have two Sony SRS-XB13 speakers. The play button plays, pauses, and skips tracks and can also be used to answer calls. The SRS-XB13’s microphone is directly below these buttons, and the device can remain employed as a hands-free unit for calls.

Big sound for such a small device with the Sony SRS-XB13

Most wireless speakers of this size offer sound that is usually tuned and aimed at small spaces –just one or two people sitting near the device itself. However, the Sony SRS-XB13 is loud and sounds pretty good compared to other similarly sized wireless speakers.

3 Best Sony Speakers to Buy [2022 Guide]

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Sony has provided us with some of the best electronic devices for over 50 years.

With that amount of time to build experience and a database of customer reviews, any company would be ahead of its competition, and Sony is no different.

Sony has maintained a competitive position in the speaker market, impressing customers with the sleek design and efficient construction of their sound systems, as the quality of sound produced by these sets is incredible.

In today’s guide, we’ll discuss some of the best options available on the market this year. First, you will see a general description of the products, and for a better understanding, we will present you with a simple list of advantages and disadvantages.

Read on for more details about the best Sony speaker deals available online.

What are the best Sony Speaker Deals Today?

Sony SSCS5

The Sony SSCS5 3-way speakers offer excellent sound quality at an affordable price.

This bookshelf speaker set works with a 3-driver setup and uses a 5-inch cell-reinforced foam mica woofer and a 1-inch polyester main tweeter to cover the full spectrum of low and high frequencies.

Although these speakers are small, they can guarantee performance and provide sound up to 100W, with a speaker impedance of 6 Ohm.

Sony XB72

The Sony XB72 has incredible power for its size and crystal clear sounds that can deafen even the most demanding listeners.

This Bluetooth-enabled speaker offers intense bass, and the mid- and high-frequency sounds it can reproduce highlight why this speaker is on this list.

The XB72 speakers come with line lights, speaker lights, and a flashing strobe that only use 0.5W of power. So it allows your parties to have that little edge that makes all the difference.

Sony SS-CS3

The Sony SS-CS3 speaker system offers professional-level sound and a slim but practical design.

This speaker system uses 3-way technology for crisp and clear sound for all frequency ranges and four drivers for high performance and accurate reproduction of all sounds.

Music has never sounded better than through this speaker set, allowing you to host the most amazing parties at home or have epic movie nights with family and friends.

Each speaker in this set includes a 1-inch polyester main tweeter and a 3/4-inch super tweeter. The power draw of this device reaches a peak power of 145W and a speaker impedance of 6 Ohm.

Sony’s sound quality is undeniably one of the best on the market. So whether you’re planning to throw an incredible party or need a set of reliable speakers, you’re set.


Sony has a reputation for good wireless personal audio products, and the SRS-XB13 wireless speaker lives up to that. The SRS-XB13 punches above its weight, and its sound matches what you’d expect from more prominent wireless speakers.


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