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Suho True Beauty – Appearance, Personality And More

Suho True Beauty

Suho Lee is a scholar student at MIT studying engineering. He was Jugyeong Lim’s first love attention and was best friends with Seojun Han in middle school.

Appearance Of Suho True BeautyAppearance Of Suho True Beauty

Suho is “tall and foreign-looking,” with dark, ash brown hair and light hazel eyes. Though considered very handsome by many, Suho frequently carries a stoic or cold expression on his face. He has a light, warm-toned complexion. Unlike Seojun, he does not have trouble styling his hair or dressing up other than on occasions. His clothes stand from high-end brands, as his father is a wealthy, famous actor.

Personality Of Suho

In middle school, Suho was friendly despite being bullied by his classmates for being a foreigner. Unfortunately, after Seyeon’s suicide, Suho became cold and expressionless, isolating himself from others and declining to form new friendships. When approached by others, particularly women, Suho give terse, curt responses. He only speaks when essential and does not consider other people’s feelings when interacting.

Afterwards meeting Jugyeong and developing a crush on her, Suho displays a softer, more endearing side. He became generous and charitable, initiating conversation with her and smiling more often. However, perhaps due to years of isolating himself from others, Suho’s social skills remain mediocre at best. He is envious of Seojun’s ease in interacting with others, particularly Jugyeong.

Suho remains very educated in academics, unlike Jugyeong and Seojun, and spends most of his free time studying. He is fluent in Korean and Japanese, living in Korea and Japan. He consistently attained top marks at school and often tutored Jugyeong. If your interested in this article you can read this article : Black Beauty Grass Seed

Suho is also an outstanding cook specializing in Japanese cuisine, and he infrequently makes food for his friends and sister. However, after his estrangement from his father and Seyeon Yoon’s suicide, Suho appears to be hurt from depression and regularly visits a psychologist for action.

Background Of Suho True Beauty

Suho is the son of a famed Korean actor, Jooheon Lee, and a Japanese woman, Yuko. His older sister is a renowned makeup artist named Selena Lee, whom he infrequently cooks for. After his family enthused to Korea from Japan, Suho transferred to a local middle school and remained constantly bullied by his classmates for being half-Japanese.

Seyeon Yoon, a classmate, became his first friend. Seojun Han protected both from bullies, and the three became best friends. Suho reinforced Seyeon and Seojun through their idol trainee days at ST Entertainment. Seyeon finally debuted through an idol-selection television program, where he faced criticism from netizens.

Suho’s mother died from cancer throughout this time, leaving Suho’s family grief-stricken. Jooheon left acting and succumbed to alcoholism in hopelessness. Two years later, Jooheon repaid the entertainment industry to deliver for his family again, promising his children that he would continuously care for them.


Main: Jugyeong Lim,  Suho Lee, Seojun Han.

ST Entertainment: Seyeon Yoon, Heegyeong Lim, Aiden Kim,  Yeongbin Kim, Jihyuk Jeong, Heeyeon Shin,  Yeonjun.

Saebom High: Sujin Kang, Gowoon Han, Chaerin Ahn, Juyoung Lim, Sua Kang, Min-Ah,  Jeonghye, Taehoon.

Others: Jooheon Lee, Jinsu, Pilsoo,  Jessie, Jugyeong’s Mother, Seojun’s Mother, Joonwoo Han, Woohyun Ji, Jihoon, Selena Lee, Haneul Lee, Semi Lee.


In True Beauty episode 11, we discover that the mysterious figure LEO that Joo Kyung’s sister is looking for is not Seojun but Suho. We also find out that Seojun and Suho’s friend was quite factually the scapegoat to cover up Suho’s father’s scandal

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