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Hon Ignition 2.0: The HON Ignition is one of the few truthfully ergonomic office chairs you can find for under $400, and it’s the one that redefined my idea of ​​what a “budget” chair should be. Along with how much time you apply sitting, the way you sit can significantly impact your overall health and well-being. So a chair is not an obtaining you should skimp on.

In 2019, I bought a no-name chair for $100 from Wayfair, mainly because the price matched my idea of ​​what was worth spending and because I liked the bright orange color of the mesh back. A year later, the paint still looked great, but the armrests fell apart, and my back was a sore mess.


When I started testing office chairs as the editor of our guide to them, the HON Ignition 2.0 was the clear front-runner for both its reserved, go-with-everything look and its vast range of adjustability. While other budget chairs I’ve tested, like the Fully Desk Chair, may have bolder aesthetic statements or use higher-end materials.

Ergonomic Consistency of the Ignition 2.0

Ergonomic Consistency of the Ignition 2.0

The simple setup and ergonomic consistency of the Ignition 2.0 ultimately make it more appealing. The Ignition 2.0 delivers excellent lumbar support (provided you choose a model that includes it) and allows you to adjust the seat depth, seat height, armrest height, and armrest width.

So for me, a 6-foot-1 guy, getting into a position that directly improved my posture and, by extension, comfort during long workdays was easy. My 5ft tall partner also had no problems configuring it for her body. And the seat is thick and durable: After sitting on it every day for almost two years, it’s still as good as new.

Despite its almost all-plastic construction, this chair has a decent weight and feels sturdy. Compared to cheap office chairs I’ve owned and even more expensive chairs we’ve tested, the Ignition 2.0’s arms are less wobbly, and the chair makes fewer squeaks or flexes when I move around in the seat. The wheels also turn smoothly. They’re little things, but they’re what makes this chair stand out from the faceless competition you’ll find at your local Staples. They contribute to the stunning impression of quality that makes this chair a pleasure to sit on daily.

Finally, while the warranty on the Ignition 2.0 isn’t as comprehensive as the full lifetime warranties you get from higher-end brands like Herman Miller and Steelcase, this chair does come with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defective materials and artistry.

Unfortunately, when the arms of my Wayfair chair broke, I had no such warranty to rely on, and no replacement parts were available. It meant I had a beautiful lump of bright orange waste to take to the landfill.

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How does it compare

We’ve been testing office chairs since 2015. We’ve spent over 175 hours sitting in dozens of models to find the best ones. And then we sit in our picks for months or years to see how they hold up over a period. So here’s why the HON 2.0 is our clear best for a budget office chair.

It’s been Wirecutter’s pick since 2020 when it replaced HON Exposure, and it’s been saving my own ever since.

It retails for about a third of the price of our top pick but offers nearly as many ergonomic tweaks.

Its limited lifetime guarantee is more generous than other budget-oriented ergonomic chairs, including close rivals like the Fully Desk Chair.

Let it last

Chair maintenance is easy if you use a little common sense. For example, to avoid stains on your chair, don’t eat messy meals at the table. And clean up any spills before the colors take hold. Also, avoid falling heavily into the chair while sitting.

We have an in-depth guide to cleaning your office chair for this last point.

When to buy

Discounts on the HON Ignition 2.0 are infrequent, so the best time to buy it is whenever you’re looking for a new office chair.


Street price: $330


The Hon Ignition 2.0 is an affordable office chair that performs well in all metrics. It provides a good level of comfort, especially for a budget option. If you expect to spend all day in this chair, you may want to use the premium option, as the plastic lumbar support can wear on your back.

The Ignition offers great adjustability, allowing almost anyone to set it up as needed. With a relatively easy setup, you’ll be writing minutes of taking this chair out of the box at your desk. It’s perfect for occasional use like a home office or shared workspace where you won’t be standing in it all day.

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