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Chuze Fitness Fontana will Host a Grand Opening Celebration

Chuze Fitness Fontana will celebrate its Grand Opening

According to the company, the brand new 45,000-square-foot facility at 14574 Baseline Avenue will provide state-of-the-art equipment and amenities to area residents.

On opening day, Chuze will provide an exclusive giveaway to visitors. On April 2, every member who checks in at Chuze Fontana will remain entered to win a free five-year membership to the new location.

The Fontana club has upscale fitness amenities such as The Studio IR. Which offers infrared heated classes such as hot yoga, red barre, and more.

Chuze Fontana also provides a wide range of fitness activities for all types of members, such as high cardio and strength equipment. An expansive turf training area, interactive group exercise classes, circuit training, and more.

Although, The other spa-like amenities include an infrared sauna, steam room, 25-meter lap pool, relaxing hot tub, tanning beds, HydroMassage Lounge, smoothie bar, and locker rooms.

Chuze Fitness Fontana

Similarly, Chuze Fitness Fontana is committed to its members’ safety by providing a socially distanced experience and increased sanitization efforts, according to a news release.

“We have been listening to our local fans asking for a Fontana location. On social media over the years, we are beyond thrilled to open our doors and become a part of your community.” Hence, our newest Chuze Fitness location,” said Chuze Fitness CMO Billy Grenham. “Chuze Fontana provides the traditional gym elements for which Chuze Fitness is known and loved while also providing an elevated experience unique to this club.” We are thrilled to announce our brand to the Fontana community and look forward to welcoming new members to our family.”

Chuze Fitness Fontana will host a free outdoor workout at its New Location.

Chuze Fitness will open a new location in Fontana. And to have fun, the gym will host a free outdoor workout for locals.

The “Chuze to Move” workout will take place on Saturday, February 27, from 10 a.m. to noon in the Chuze parking lot at 14574 Baseline Avenue in the northwest corner.

Participants remain invited to participate in the BodyCombat, Zumba, Power Yoga workout, or all three.

Although, This workout is completely free. However, face masks will remain required, and social distancing will remain strictly enforced.

Chuze Fitness in Fontana will officially open in late March or early April, becoming the “first-ever 40,000-square-foot socially distanced gym,” according to the company.

It Chuze Fitness will have a variety of amenities at that time. Including cardio and strength equipment, a Chuze cinema, Express Circuit, Chuze blends, a turf training area, group exercise classes, cycling, tanning, HydroMassage, a pool and hot tub. An infrared sauna, a steam room, the Studio (Hot Yoga, Barre. And more), guest privileges, unlimited team training, and iChuze Fitness (virtual class) access.

Chuze Fitness is owned by which company?

Chuze Fitness is owned by which company?

Chuze Fitness in San Diego has received funding from San Francisco-based private equity firm Main Post Partners. The amount of the investment remained not disclosed in the press release issued on April 18. Announcing the partnership between the high-volume, low-cost fitness chain and the firm.

Chuze, what does “unlimited guest privileges” mean?

What exactly does “unlimited guest privileges” imply? ALL MORE memberships allow one guest per visit, seven days a week. Please keep in mind that guests do not have access to the membership benefits that members do. Guests have free access to all general workout equipment areas (including cardio equipment).

What is a good reason to cancel your Gym Membership?

Similarly, If your circumstances have changed and you can no longer afford the monthly payments, your gym should allow you to cancel your contract. Of course, it would have to be significant, such as losing your job or suddenly becoming deeply in debt.

Chuze Fitness is how old?

Although, The Chuze Fitness story began in 1978 with a salad bar in Houston. Then, Ray and Charles, longtime friends, opened a buffet-style restaurant to provide exceptional customer service. The success out of the park expanded their business across several states before selling it in the mid-1990s.


The company owns and operates a network of franchised fitness centers throughout Southern California. And Arizona that offers Zumba toning, kickboxing, yoga classes, tanning, hydro massage, fitness boot camps, and personal training services.

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