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Aging with Style: Aging charmingly is an art form, but it is unquestionably achievable! As a Style Coach, I work with women of all ages and have met many who have almost given up on their appearance and the idea that they, too, can be stylish no matter their age.

I frequently remind my clients that being fashionable isn’t just for 20-somethings. Still, one must understand how to incorporate some aspects age-appropriate to create a polished and current look.

There’s something so lovely about a woman who is at ease in her skin and her stage of life. My clients’ styles remained discussed during my Style Strategy Sessions, and my clients and I discussed how to do just that!

Aging in Style: The Art of Aging in Style

Aging in Style: The Art of Aging in Style

I cover these main points with them; by sharing them with you, I hope you can gain confidence in becoming the best version of yourself right now!

Determine your current position on the ‘fashion escalator.’

One of my clients came up with the best analogy for why some women age more gracefully than others. She clarified that when someone decides to keep their look the same (i.e., they don’t evolve their style over time, perhaps because they don’t feel like putting in the effort anymore, or because they believe they are too ‘old’ to put in the work required to look their best), they improvement weight or whatever reason) it’s comparable to someone exiting an escalator at a specific decade or year.

Determine the image you want to project for the stage of life you’re in.

Any of the first exercises I do with my customers is to help them identify what is important to them and how they can express that through their outward appearance.

You will always want to project some values and characteristics, while others will come and go depending on your stage of life. For example, if you have remained a stay-at-home mom for years and are starting new job, your image will need to change. If you retire after years of working in the corporate world, your image will need to change.

What image do you want to launch at this point in your life? It does not indicate that you should overhaul your wardrobe or get drastic haircut; instead, it means go through the look you want to project and defining what change you need to make to convey that look to other. So it’s now your turn: Establish attainable ‘baby step’ goals for yourself to start looking more current.

Establish attainable ‘baby step’ goals for yourself to start looking more current.

Real, tangible, long-lasting style effects do not happen overnight, as I always tell my clients! They do not occur simply by receiving a box of clothes or shopping once. As a result, knowing where to begin and how to spend your money best can be challenging.

I advise you to start with big goals and work your way down. What minor tasks can you do or enlist the help of an expert to help you get started on your plan of looking current and like the best version of yourself at this stage of life? Create a list, then work to hold yourself accountable! I promise the result will be well worth it. And the self-assurance you’ll exude is priceless.

 It takes work to appear effortless.

‘I want to look smoothly pulled together. Other women seem so pulled together; why can’t I have that too?’ I frequently hear women say to me. Do you want to know what their secret is? They made the RIGHT type of effort. These women are attempting to maintain a current and effortlessly chic look, from monthly facials to a nighttime skincare routine to regularly cleaning their closets and ensuring they know what’s in and out. It is frequently why my clients seek my advice, as it can feel like a lot of work if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing to reach that effortless state, So know that you do not have to go it alone.


Aging gracefully is an art form, but it is unquestionably achievable! There’s something so lovely about a woman at ease in her skin and on stage. While aging in place emphasizes wider doorways, fewer obstructions, and good lighting, it can also include attractive design.

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