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Elafonisi Beach – Emerald Green Sea On A Pink Sand

Elafonisi Beach has been ranked as one of the most popular beaches in Greece and the world. This place is commonly called Pink Beach. The reason is that the sand of Elafonisi Beach is pink. It creates a mysterious gradation along with the beautiful sea.

Elafonisi Beach is popular with honeymooners and couples because it has a romantic atmosphere. It’s shallow, so it’s also recommended for families. There are many places where the water level is only up to your knees, so bringing small children with you is safe.

Especially in the summer, the seawater is warmed by the strong sunlight, and the entire shallow water feels warm and comfortable. There are even people lying down and sunbathing!

Elafonissi Beach is located in the southwest part of Crete, which is long and narrow from east to west and is far from the city center. However, you can get there relatively quickly by car or public bus from Chania, the second-largest city on the island. However, only a few buses are running each day, both on the outbound and return trips, so please be careful not to miss your bus. For more information about public buses, please see the official website (in English) in the related notes.

Elafonisi Beach Of Greece

Greece is also famous for its beautiful waters, which boast the highest clarity. This time, I went to Elafonissi Beach in Greece, a spectacular beach consistently ranked high among the world’s most beautiful beaches, so that I will explain everything about that attractive beach.

Greece is an attractive country full of exoticism, with many ruins such as Greek mythology and temples remaining. But Greece’s attractions don’t stop there.

In addition to the sea, Japan is a country of beautiful nature, such as mountains, valleys, and lakes.

Elafonissi Beach is located in the southwestern part of Crete, the biggest of the Greek islands. Even though Crete is surrounded by the sea, the beauty of Elafonissi Beach is in a class of its own. Elafonissi Beach is so beautiful that it is ranked in Greece and among the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Let me explain why Elafonisi Beach is said to be so beautiful.

Elafonisi Beach “Pink Sand”

Elafonisi Beach is also famous for its pink sand, which is rare in the world. It is said that the pink sandy beach, which is very romantic, is due to the tiny pink seashells that have broken down over many years and become sand-like. Many crushed pink shellfish are mixed in with the sandy beach, giving it a pink appearance.

As proof of this, there are places on Elafonisi Beach where many small pink shells are gathered, and it is very mysterious to think that the shells also turn into pink sand over a long time. Unfortunately, pink sand is rare, and from the perspective of environmental conservation, it is prohibited to take home any sand, shells, stones, etc., from Elafonisi Beach.

Contrary to the generally laid-back Greek national character, the beach staff were meticulous about people picking up shells, etc., so I guess that’s why they are so careful about it.

By the way, besides Elafonisi, there are other beaches with rare pink sand.

  • Rosa beach on Budelli island in Italy
  • Harbor Island, Bahamas
  • Pink sand beach on Rangiroa island, French Polynesia
  • Komodo Island in Indonesia

Emerald Green Sea With Outstanding Clarity

Elafonisi Beach is a vast stretch of beach, and you can also walk from there to a rocky island. Elafonissi Beach is a general term for the beach area on the mainland of Crete + the zone up to this rocky island, and it is pretty broad as there is a lagoon area where seawater collects due to sandbars and reefs.

A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from the outside world by a lagoon or sandbar. Venice, Italy, famous as the city of water, was built on a lagoon called the Veneto Lagoon. The sea is generally emerald green, but there are various variations of green in some areas, such as darker and more vivid areas, and it is so beautiful that it cannot be described in words.

Another highlight of Elafonisi Beach is that the water color changes depending on the time of day.

For example, in the morning, it is a deep emerald green, but in the afternoon, it changes to a lighter emerald green, depending on the sun’s angle. The color of the sea changes from morning to afternoon, and the sea is so dazzling that no matter how many photos you take, it will not be enough. The colors of the setting sun and water blend into one another, creating a completely different landscape.

Shallow Elafonisi Beach That Stretches For Kilometers

Elafonisi Beach has miles of shallow water only about knee- to mid-thigh deep. Laguna is also shallower, around 10 to 30 cm, so you can safely bring your children. Laguna’s water doesn’t let in much cold water, so it gets warm around noon. So it’s also recommended for people who don’t like cold water.

One of Elafonisi Beach’s charms is its untouched nature.

Many tourists visit this beach, so there are several umbrellas and beach beds, but no restaurants or cafes face the beach. There were a couple of shops where you could buy sandwiches, pizza, and drinks, but there were only a few other restaurants and shops on the way to the parking lot.

Elafonissi Beach is a two-hour bus ride from Crete’s Chania Airport, so it’s not exactly close, but it’s worth the trip. If you have a chance to go to Crete, definitely visit. A scenery you will never forget is waiting for you!

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